A Mom’s Moment

My oldest daughter is graduating high school in a little over a week. Yesterday I attended a reception honoring those who will be graduating Summa Cum Laude. My daughter is among those earning this honor. As the names were being called and each honoree went forth to receive their certificate and scholarship information, I became a little teary-eyed. I realized that the time had come, that it was really here. My daughter was about to embark on adulthood and that I was no longer raising a child. This is the moment you always know is coming but it seems to always be somewhere in the distant future. As I watched, I realized that we as parents had all literally watched these kids grow up, grow into the young adults we seen before us.

With this being her last year of high school, I find that I am having a bittersweet reaction to the whole experience. I am excited for her to set out and start her journey. To accomplish her goals and dreams. To become independent and to succeed in the life she desires. I already know that she is strong and capable of making this happen. I will, however, miss her. She is always pictured in my mind as that sweet little toddler that I used to watch explore everything with great wonder and excitement.

I have said all that to say this: enjoy parenthood. Enjoy all the ups and downs that it will throw at you. There will be disappointments, but they won’t last long because right around the corner is unexpected joy. That’s kids, they’re full of surprises.

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