Recipes to Rave About

dinningware 2

As a mom, one thing I try to do is make sure that my family has a good home-cooked meal each evening. Obviously, there are those nights that we have too much going on and it’s just not possible. As the one that does most of the cooking, I am always looking for new recipes or ways to spruce up the classics.  I search places like Pinterest and Facebook often. These two places are where most of the meals we have been dinning on lately have came from. I decided to list two favorites we have had this week.

First is a recipe call Garbage Bread: Taken from

It takes: bacon, hamburger, onion, Velveeta, shredded cheese and a thin pizza crust. Just follow the link above for the full recipe and cooking instructions. I made this last night and it met rave reviews. I served it with a ranch flavored pasta salad. We even enjoyed the leftovers for lunch today.

The second recipe that is a hit in our house is Slow Cooker Fajitas:

For this recipe all you’ll need is a green pepper, a red pepper, a yellow pepper, an onion, and some chicken breasts. Of course cheese, tortillas, and whatever fixins you enjoy. Again follow the above link for full recipe and directions. I made this tonight for dinner. With it being Mother’s Day, it was nice to just put it in the slow cooker and not have to worry about it until it was time for dinner. I have made this quite a few time and my family keeps asking for it.

Please try these recipes and come back to leave a review. Also, feel free to make recommendations for us to try.

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