Why a Blog?

Most people these days have some form of social media and that has became their platform to post their opinion on almost anything. Blogging is no different. There are many blogs on almost every topic imaginable. I have visited many blogs over the years. This is how I get my recipes and my product reviews. Being a part of this category has appealed to me for a very long time. In an attempt to make extra money for my family, I decided to start my blog. I have read many of articles and the do’s and don’t’s and even googled good topics for my blog. I still am not completely sure what I am doing and I feel a little lost but I just have to keep pushing myself to learn more and do more every day. I want a blog that is very popular with readers and one that offers information that will truly benefit those reading.

It is through this form of social platform that I intend to write about things that mean something to me or that I have been affected by.  I am slow getting started because I am still learning and becoming comfortable with putting myself out there. My hope is that my words will positively impact someone and that they may offer some answers to questions that they have.

As I continue this journey, I look forward to achieve my goals and see my hopes for this blog become reality. I also look forward to having a little fun.

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