Something to Celebrate.

Celebrate 2

There are so many things in life to celebrate. Last weekend, we celebrated my oldest daughter graduating from High School while my youngest daughter is celebrating school being out for Summer. The world celebrates engagements, birth of a child, birthdays, and more.

Yesterday my husband and I celebrated out fourteenth wedding anniversary. According to McKinley Irvin’s 32 shocking Divorce Statistics, There are 2,077,00 marriages annually. Out of that number, the divorce rate is 3.4 per 1000 and the probability of a first marriage surviving the first ten years is 6.6% or 1 in 15. According to the American Psychological Association in Western cultures ninety percent of people marry by the age of 50, however about 40-50 percent of married couples divorce. So when we celebrate an anniversary, we are celebrating beating the odds.

Celebrating my marriage is important to me. My husband is my partner and my best friend. I can’t picture this crazy life without him in it. He is the person that I intend to spend the rest of my life with. The one who I share both my joys and heartaches with. When the rest of the world is unbearable, he is there without fail.

With so much negativity in the world it is important to celebrate. Celebrate often and celebrate well. Enjoy every minute of it.


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