Life with a Pug

In our house, we are dog people. We have two, only because my husband said no more. We have our black Lab mix who will be ten this summer. He is so sweet and mellow. He is a great dog. See him pictured below.


Our other dog is a sassy black Pug who just turned four. He snorts, he snarfs, and he is sassy. If you too own a Pug then you know what a they are like. Our Pug, who’s name is Bean, is a handful. He is afraid of just about everything, he’s moody, and he basically does whatever he wants. Life with Bean has been full of ups and downs. The dog next door got into our yard and her and Bean had Puggle babies. They were so cute. Our neighbor never told us, we found out on our own and he sold them shortly after. We have been through house training and chewing. However, I can’t picture our life with out him. He has became part of our family. He is so cute and can be cuddly. There are not many days that we don’t get a good laugh compliments of Bean. See him pictured below.


These are our fur babies. We are very proud of them. Fill free to post pics of your fur babies in the comments. That’s really all I wanted this post to be was to introduce you to them and show them off a little.


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