Time for a Break

WOW! June was a very busy and stress-filled month. After coming off of May with the end of school, graduation, and everything that May brings, we jumped right in to June at full speed. We all know that Father’s Day is in June so we celebrated that by going with my parents and my sister and her husband on a train ride. We drove a six hour round trip to ride a train for three hours. It was a dinner theater cabin. We enjoyed a delicious meal while being fully entertained with a murder mystery. The show was audience inclusive. Which means that they pick passengers to play parts in the mystery. My sister, my husband, and my oldest daughter all had parts. It was very interesting. At the end the passenger had to figure out the murderer. Along with this little trip, my husband got a second job. He is a State employee and they just don’t pay well. Every time he gets a raise, which is rarely, our insurance goes up about double what that raise is. It’s an endless cycle of trying to get ahead and stay that way. Honestly, it’s next to impossible. He got a second job to supplement income but also so that I could focus more on this blog and manage my depression and anxiety. Having these issues requires ensuring that I can take good care of myself and be vigilant in paying close attention to what is going on with me. I’ll get into that more in another blog post but I just want to say that I have a wonderful husband that he would do that for me and my mental health. In June I just focused on spending time with my kids. My oldest will be moving out August 9th to start college life and my youngest will be a big eighth grader. I get a one year break from High School. We have been finding things to do between doctor’s appointments, jobs, packing for college, building new pantry shelves, and maintaining things around home, and sleeping when possible. So far we have been to the lake a handful of times, the pool a handful of times, and had a mother/daughter slumber party at which I managed to stay awake until about 12:30 a.m.

June is now over and a new month has started. We jump right in to July and the holiday of the Fourth. We will be celebrating today, on the third since my husband has to work tomorrow evening. After the celebration I am taking a break from all things and resting up, August is going to be ridiculously busy.

Just remember that the business now becomes memories tomorrow!

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