To Sale or Not To Sale

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With the warming weather comes all types of activities. Garage sales are one such activity. I personally love to go to garage sales, it’s having a garage sale that makes me cringe.  The following are my five tips to make hosting a garage sale more manageable and increase possible profits.

1. Advertising: With the popularity of social media this is a good place to start. There are many different Facebook groups that you can post your sale on as well as your personal Facebook page. Twitter, Instagram, etc. Post signs on street corners directing people to your sale. A ad in your local paper, flyers, and word of mouth are also great ways to advertise.

2. Pricing: As you are finding things for you sale, try marking as you go to save time later. Remember to price things reasonably and be flexible. Keep in mind that 1/3 of the price you paid for an item is about all that you can expect to get at a sale. If you are wanting more that you may want to think about selling that item elsewhere. Don’t price items too expensive and make sure the price is clearly marked.

3. Marking: Again make sure items are marked clearly. Make sure to place stickers where they won’t mar the item when removed. Even though the item is inexpensive, no one wants to get home with their items only to find out that it is ruined by being torn or sticky.

4. Set-up: When setting up for a sale, use plenty of tables and hang clothing when possible. People are more likely to look if they can easily access items.  It is this bloggers opinion that no one likes digging through deep boxes.  Set up your sale neatly and organized to get started and throughout the day straighten it up.

5. Clean Up: When the sale is all done make sure to donate unwanted items. The goal is get rid of items, not take them back inside. When donating make sure your local thrift store is excepting items or find a local shelter that may be able to use these items. Dispose of items not in good shape. At the end of your sale and clean up, do not forget to promptly take down all your advertising.

Garage sales can be time consuming with everything involved from start to finish but these five steps can assist with making a more organized and smooth event.

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