Summer Savers


Summer 6WOW!!! Am I late with this post!I have been working outdoors lately, trying to get the pool ready and other things needed to make our backyard paradise summer-ready. Now that school is out, our oldest is home from college, and the tempts are high, I am all about simple and leisure. I usually try to do my top five fave lists but there are really only three major things that I have for and easy breezy summer vacation. Here are the tops rules that I have.

  1. Easy/Simple Recipes: Starting around the beginning of Spring, I start searching for new quick and easy recipes. I look for ones with fewer ingredients and minimal cook times. Recipes that can be done on the grill are my favorite. With those I don’t have to heat the house trying to make dinner. I usually find most of my recipes on Pinterest or Facebook but sometimes I just make them up. Salads, Foil dinners, or fresh food recipes are always a win. By having recipes like this, meal plans are easier, mealtime is faster, and a more rapid clean-up.
  2. BBQ Grill: Like I mentioned above I love the grill for summertime. We can put food on the grill and sit around the patio table catching up about our day, play some catch, or some other summer activity to pass the time. Just don’t forget to keep your eye on dinner. There are times that I have cooked extra of whatever meat we’re having and made dinner the next night using it. That way I don’t have start completely from the beginning again. For example: I have made extra chicken on Monday and cut it up and made chicken salad on Tuesday
  3. Summer Schedule: I have came up with a cleaning schedule for summer. The chart also doubles as a chore chart. My girls know that on alternating Mondays they are cleaning the bathroom, that their rooms are to be kept clean, that I do laundry on Wednesday, etc. For me this keeps down the stress of trying to maintain some order and preserve my mental health. On my schedule is where I plan meals for two weeks at a time, I know when My oldest has to work, I can write in where the youngest needs a ride, etc. Your schedule may be different than mine, just base it on your needs and the family that you have.Summer 3  Now you can spend the rest of your time relaxing and enjoying summer fun. I will be tanning in the pool.