It’s Fall Ya’ll

Leaf 6

That’s right, it’s Fall ya’ll and I am so excited. There are so many things to love about Fall and everyone has their own. I am going to share my top six things that I love about Fall and a few other reasons some may love this season.

  1. Cooler weather. I love to open the doors and windows and let the Fall air in. It airs the house out, saves on energy costs, and I do not like to be overly hot. It is a little cold in the mornings but so worth it.
  2. Changing colors. The colors of Fall are so pretty. I like being able to watch the leaves change and fall.
  3. Coziness. When Fall hits, out come the sweats. A hoodie, sweat pants, and a hot cup(or two) of french vanilla coffee are the highlight of my morning. Evenings spent with a throw blanket and my hubby are the best ending to the day.
  4. Carving pumpkins. Not so much the carving but decorating with them. My girls are old enough that we no longer carve them but they are a big staple in the decor of our home through to December.
  5. Cuisine. With the cooler weather I get to break out the recipe book. Chili, stews, and soups are regulars at our house. My huband is the chili guy in our clan. The girls love it and often request it. By Spring I am Chili-ed out.
  6. Chiefs football. That’s right we are Chiefs fans. We even named our dog after them. I love to curl up with the hubby and watch any football game on, however, Chiefs games are the main focus. We even print out a season schedule and make picks each week.

So that is how we spend our Fall. I know that pumpkin spice is big this time of year. I never really took a liking to that. Apple cider, bonfires, less humidity, Halloween, and Thanksgiving are other reasons why people love Fall. What’s yours?

It’s all about Family

family 2

Wow Summer has flown and school is now back in session. In our house that means a huge shift in routine. We now have bedtimes, wake up times, dinner time is earlier, everything changes. As school becomes the main focus family time tends to dwindle. That is one reason that I impleted Family Night when my girls were very young. Here’s a look at what our family night consists of.

  1. Pick a day: We chose Thursday because there’s usaully not many actitivites that day for us.
  2. Pick a method:We go by age starting with the youngest and weekly work up to the oldest and start over again.
  3. Lay out guidelines: We put a cost limit and set a few family rules that we thought were important.
  4. Let the fun begin: Start your family night.

We start at 5p.m. and the person in charge of picking has chosen the meal and the activity. Dinner then games, movies, or sometimes a walk. Now that you have some guidelines, try making our Family your family night and 2