What is Your Guilty Pleasure?

We all have them. Some we share, some we don’t. I’m talking about those guilty pleasures. Those things that we don’t necessarily tell or little indulgences that may cause us to spend money we shouldn’t. I’m not talking about anything illegal or disturbing, just those extra little non-essential things that bring us a small bit of happiness. Today I decided to share a few of my guilty pleasures( I hope my husband doesn’t read this).

Lipton Kcups: I became nothing short of addicted to Quik Trip tea when I was pregnant with my youngest(15 years ago) and I had been drinking more soda but as time went on my addition grew. I sat down at the end of 2018 to see where I could save money, and was shocked to my find that I was spending $150 or more a month on tea from there. I knew that had to stop. I pulled out the Mr.Coffee tea maker but it just wasn’t the same. I tried different things to duplicate QT but nothing I did was quite right. In my effort to save money I continued trying but thought in the mean time I would try Kcups. I am now stuck on them, the tea maker is again collecting dust and I spend about $20-$30 a week on Lipton Kcups. Not much saving there.

Anything related to Flying Pigs: When I was in High School, my dad told me in a converstion, that he would buy me a brand-new car “when pigs fly”. Since then I have became quite hooked on all things flying pig related. Now while there is an unending quantity of pig things out there, pigs with wings are harder to find, but I buy them when I do. I have them outside, inside, in my bedroom, and office. I have them in my kitchen too. Now you would think that in twenty years and being so hooked that my collection would be taking over but like I said they are harder to find and I don’t have an unlimited budget. But I have a few…

My last confession is my Nail polish: My nails are generally how I choose to express my creativity. Sometimes I have acrylics and sometimes I’m a natural girl but regardless of what type of nails I sport, it’s all about the polish. My nail lady is amzing at producing the nail art that I come up with and I own a moderate nail polish collection but always want more. I love China Glaze but in our small town there isn’t any place that sells it and that has to be my “special” polish purchase because it is steep in price. Below is a picture of my collection.

We all have them and these are my biggest guilty pleasures. What are yours? I’m interested to know.

Nailed It

 Nailed it-2

I absolutly love a good manicure. I just couldn’t continue paying twenty dollars or more every few weeks for nails that looked good for a few days. I began watching, taking mental notes, and asking questions in order to master a professional manicure at home. I have no formal training or schooling but I have discovered a routine that leaves me with a manicure that lasts a minimum of a week to ten days. The following are the steps I follow.

Step 1: I soak my nails in warm/hot water with a squirt of my favorite liquid soap. I do one hand at a time, soaking about two minutes. Remove and pat dry with paper towels. Then move directly to step 2, then go back with other hand and follow step 1 then 2.

Step 2: I take soaked hand and trim the cutlicles on all fingers and clean underneath each nail. Now I know that there is much dicussion about cutting the cuticle verses pushing it back. The choice is yours but I trim them with cuticle scissors because my cuticles are ugly if left due to many years of having them trimed. Do the same to the other hand.

Step 3: I buff my nails with a nail block. Make sure not to buff too much on the nail as it will cause nails to become thin. Mainly just ebough to scuff nail in order for base coat to adhere better.

Step 4: File nail tips enough to shape them as you, making sure there are no sharp edges that will catch, resulting in a smooth nail tip. When finished wash and dry hands.

Step 5: IMPORTANT. Spray nails with alcohol. I bought a small spray bottle in the travel section of Wal Mart for less than a dollar and keep it filled and with my nail tools. Spray and wipe dry.

Step 6: You are now ready to start painting. Base coat is a must. I use One Minute Artificials by Nail-Aid($5-$6 at Wal Mart). It dries fairly quick, can double as my top coat, and protects my nails from daily wear and tear. I apply two coats of this, allowing for dry time in between and then I am ready for my nail color(s) of choice.

Step 7: Apply colored polish in thinner layers and allow dry time. I usually do three thin coats which results in the perfect coverage. When color is completely dry apply top coat in two layers, allowing for dry time between. Once that is dry you are good to go. Can follow with lotion or hand cream if you like.

Please try my home mainicure steps and let me know what you think. You can also use the same steps on a pedicure if you choose. Hope you enjoy the process and have the same fortunate experience I do.